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Explore Provolt's extensive experience in renewable energy, spanning 57.9MW of solar PV and 5.96MWh of BESS projects across 22 states. From energy modeling to complex interconnections, our services drive sustainable solutions nationwide.

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Interconnection Agreements

We've successfully negotiated interconnection agreements for over 100MW of photovoltaic (PV) projects and 60MWh of advanced energy storage systems, showcasing proficiency in commercial & industrial renewable energy integration.


Incentive Programs

Led and facilitated various renewable energy projects, encompassing extensive experience with incentive programs such as the Massachusetts SMART Program and the California NEM3 Tariff, as well as microgrid developments.


Complex Projects

Leveraged connections and expertise with ISO (Independent System Operator) and DOER (Department of Energy Resources) to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and ensure successful project implementations.


Further Expertise

Insourcing Engineering Work

We successfully brought outsourced engineering tasks back in-house, improving project timelines and reducing costs for RE projects.

Building Strong Relationships

We maintain strong relationships with regulatory bodies, management teams, jurisdictional entities, and vendors, ensuring successful delivery of products.

Engineering and Feasibility

Our team conducts thorough engineering studies and feasibility reviews, leading to effective renewable energy integrations and interconnection agreements.

Collaboration with Utility Companies

Collaboration with over 40 utility companies, including National Grid, Eversource, Con Edison, PG&E, SCE, SDGE, and LADWP.

Policy    Enhancement

We revised the pre-application process in the tariff, providing customers with more comprehensive information.

Advanced System Studies

We coordinate ASO, cluster, and group studies, resulting in the testing, replacement, and modification of substations, feeders, and transmission lines.

Project Coordination and Expertise

Our team expertly coordinates renewable energy and storage projects, understanding regulatory landscapes and project complexities.

Standard Operating Procedures

We introduced a new SOP for FERC vs. State checks, demonstrating our expertise in FERC, ISO, SMART, DOER, and utility impact studies.

Innovative Software Tool

Currently under development, a software tool to streamline pre-application, screening, and engineering review calculations. Stay tuned!

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