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Consulting Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Development Engineering Solutions

Our comprehensive services include a detailed review of each project site for electrical utility interconnection concerns and an assessment of by-law and zoning ordinances from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to determine electrical permit constraints. We meticulously examine existing electrical plans, proposing essential equipment changes to ensure full compliance with Utility interconnection requirements and the National Electric Code (NEC). Additionally, we identify and specify the point of interconnection (POI) and its type, whether it be a line extension, new pole, or line-side tap or breaker, as well as the point of common coupling (PCC) and its type, such as an isolation device or switchgear. Our expert team ensures your project meets all regulatory and technical standards seamlessly.

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Interconnection Engineering Design

Our services include preparing the interconnection application electrical design, complete with a one-line diagram and site layout for Utility use. For identified and approved projects, we meticulously design the full project capacity within the "fenced-in area" and specify the location of any necessary mitigation, encroachment, or buffer lands, addressing concerns such as wetlands or other restricted areas. We also provide preliminary designs for any generation transmission line (gen-tie) routes and project substations, whether located on or off project sites. Our expert team ensures a seamless and compliant interconnection process for your projects.

Anchor 2 Interconnection Engineering Design

Interconnection Application Management

Our comprehensive services include obtaining electrical interconnection agreements for each project. This encompasses filing interconnection requests, submitting applications for studies, and providing all necessary documentation to advance the interconnection approval process, as well as negotiating electrical interconnection agreements. We offer robust project management and negotiation support throughout the entire process. Additionally, we assist in acquiring the technical documentation required by utilities, including proposed equipment data sheets, certificates, DER islanding and fault data, protective settings, and project equipment operation narratives. Our team ensures your projects meet all regulatory and technical requirements efficiently.

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Procurement Consulting

We provide comprehensive support for equipment selection, creating necessary supporting documents, and overseeing the installation process. Our team ensures seamless coordination and adherence to project specifications, optimizing the performance and reliability of your electrical systems.

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Project Simulation Modeling

We offer advanced project simulation modeling using tools like Helioscope and PVsyst. This modeling integrates utility interconnection feasibility and AHJ review results, ensuring accurate assessments and optimal design decisions for your projects.

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Infrastructure Studies

We assess utility infrastructure conditions comprehensively, including available protective schemes, circuit type/size, potential upgrade points, and infrastructure capacity. Our process involves detailed site surveying and utilization of other aids to thoroughly study and document each site, ensuring accurate planning and effective project execution.

Anchor 6 Infrastructure

Feasibility Studies and Reporting

We offer timely reporting on the progress of your entire project as needed. Our comprehensive reports provide clear insights into milestones achieved, challenges addressed, and next steps, ensuring transparency and effective project management throughout.

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